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Weight Loss

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              Weight Loss

              Weight Loss
              Venus Cow Admin
              / Categories: Weight Loss

              Weight Loss

              So why is it so hard to lose weight?

              When we think about why we are over weight and constantly dieting without success, we have to understand we are eating for comfort and not because we are hungry. Diets never work long term because once we reach the weight we desire, we stop dieting and go back to our old eating habits and slowly but surly the pounds pile back on. Most people who struggle with weight issues and have given up trying to get it under control, are convinced they are genetically prone to being fat because they believe they eat a healthy diet yet still put on weight.

              Venus Cow says “We are what we eat”.

              Secret subliminal grazing on snacks day and night is the reason that fat you think you can do nothing about won’t shift, no matter what you think you are doing right or not. Our machine (body) is not designed to carry fat so if you are having problems with the following aliments, knee replacement, high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, sleep disorders; chances are you are the cause. Once you have damaged your body it makes it almost impossible to exercise and once you have one health problem you are more prone to others leaving you completely incapable of leading a full happy life.

              The truth is junk food is addictive. Easy access to highly palatable food reduces the reward response in the brain leading to compulsive eating behaviour and obesity. This is similar to the changes in dopamine reward responses associated with cocaine and heroin addiction.

              The wrong foods have negative effects on your moods. Confronting the fact you are overweight and unable to stop yourself over eating is the biggest problem the World faces right now. Once upon a time being fat was associated with being jolly but these days being fat leaves us miserable and not jolly at all.

              So why is it so hard to lose weight?

              The truth is it is not if you change the way you think.

              1. Dieting is a vicious circle of yo-yo eating, constant searching, ups and downs, stops and starts that never really work long term.
              2. Maintaining your health and your weight makes you happy.
              3. Eating the wrong food will have a negative effect on your mood.
              4. Chocolate does make you feel better but only in the moment.

              Venus Cow says “A taste on the lips ends up on your hips.”

              So how do we feel happy without food?

              The truth is until you recognise the food you are choosing to eat is the root cause of your unhappiness you will stay fat. As we get older we get comfortable and complacent with our lives and the pounds just creep on slowly until one day we look in the mirror and no longer recognise ourselves. This panic immediately makes us dive into a world of unhealthy ways to lose weight quickly like vicious circle of dieting and failing.

              Losing weight will increase your feeling of self worth, improving your life and inspiring your mind.

              So how do we lose weight?

              Common sense tells us eat less and exercise more. So Venus Cow has NO magic wand when it comes to losing weight. You have to do the work. Face yourself in the mirror right now and be honest. Admit you are fat, don’t want to be and hate your life. It may sound brutal but this thinking will bring you true happiness. Trust Venus Cow, feeling happy, healthy and light weight is the best drug on the planet. Every day from now on just think about things that make you happy, meditate 10 minutes a day and make your goal not to be thin or to be fat but happy somewhere in the middle.

              Go to your journal and keep a food diary. Start to think carefully about everything you are eating. Ask yourself, do I really need to eat this? Am I really hungry? Identify your danger zones. Work out the reasons why you are overeating, bingeing and monitor your cravings. Always make a note of how you feel before you eat and how you feel after you eat. Establish some food times and learn not to eat anything after 7pm if possible. Never miss breakfast. Write down what body changes you have when you eat certain foods, bloating, gas, heartburn, stomach upset. Be brutally honest with yourself and tell yourself off if you eat chocolate in the middle of the night.

              To burn off some extra calories and make you feel fantastic go for a long walk to get some vitamin D, as no sunlight in the winter could result in subliminal weight gain. When it is cold, wet damp and dark, we will develop a low level of happiness and delve straight into comfort food so your journal will keep you positive, focused and aware of your weaknesses.

              Understanding the reasons why losing weight is the key to the happiness you deserve, will stop you wallowing in self pity and help you lift your spirits towards the lifestyle you desire. Ask yourself how many times you feel happy that is non food related. This is worth thinking about because wanting true happiness is the only way to lose weight for good.

              Venus Cow says, "Have you ever seen a fat skeleton?" No such thing!


              Photo by: Huha Inc. Unsplash


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