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              Style On A Shoestring

              Style On A Shoestring
              Venus Cow Admin

              Style On A Shoestring

              Style on a shoe string and getting that fantastic look for less is the future, doing something good for the planet and savvy for yourself.

              We all have closets full of mistakes, some items still with the tags on so it is not surprising we are considered the most unstylish nation in the UK. Fashion is a business and of course we all love buying into it but the truth is, for most, we can no longer afford it.

              Style is what makes us unique and stand out from the crowd so taking some time to hand pick the best pieces to complete your perfect wardrobe is the way forward.

              Look through your clothes and pick out something you consider is out of date but before you bin it recognise fashion is cyclical and see if you can juzz it up by changing what you would normally wear it with. You can bet your life the piece in question will come around again and the minute you give yours away you'll see someone looking cool wearing something similar.

              How great would it be if we could all, just for one day be our own stylist, clear out our overstuffed closets and have a massive SWAP party. Rummaging through other's mistakes alerts you to your own shopping patterns and makes you realise how much money you waste on things that don't work for you.

              Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. Any stylist worth their salt will tell you outfit battles are won and lost on the right accessories. Accessories do make big statements, perhaps why Chanel recommended always taking something off before you leave the house, most people have a tendency to either not accessorize at all or completely over do it.

              The best advice to practise your shoestring style, don't invest in things that don't work for you, bright colours or crazy patterns. Start with a quality core wardrobe, great black leggings, leather leggings, a fantastic leather jacket, staple pieces you can wear over and over again. Get savvy and do some recycling, carbooting or swapping, the great new way to change consumer thinking as we all embark on a credit crunch crusade, doing our bit to help save the planet.

              Many people have the misconception, they are rubbish at styling and happily admit being lost, clueless and overwelmed but the truth is, like anything else, practise makes perfect. The more you style, the more mistakes you'll make for sure (who cares just take it off) the better you'll get.

              Style is a state of mind.

              Photo by: Adrienne Leonard Unsplash

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