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              Boot Shopping? - Preloved Designer VS High Street

              Boot Shopping? - Preloved Designer VS High Street
              VenusCow Editor

              Boot Shopping? - Preloved Designer VS High Street

              When you get to a certain age, have seen fashions come and go, have defined your style over several decades and bought into luxury designer brands at the highest millionaire level and the lowest on the street homeless level you learn. We are not suggesting you cannot find great pieces on the High Street, you can, you just have to be on the ball with realistic expectations about how long things will last before looking old and worn out.

              What is promised in glamourous marketing is a rouse to sell you on a dream as you discover should you ever find yourself needing to sell, the expensive stuff loses it’s value immediately (you gotta love it so much you’ll keep in for life) and the out of control wear it once consumption of the cheap stuff is causing more problems than anyone really wants to face.

              Ethical fashion and styling is all about shopping preloved luxury brands whenever possible, thinking about what you are doing, exercising your creativity and definitely NEVER following the pack.

              In the U.K. the Boot season can last for 2/3 of the year, not only are they practical and warm in cold weather but are also chic and wearable to transition your wardrobe from summer to winter and perfect for when it's hot yet pouring with rain. The wellie, cowboy boot, hiking boot and doc Martin ever present when reviewing summer festival styling and you can easily find all these if you shop preloved boots online.

              So with all the Boot options available how do you decide which are the right Boots for you?

              The Chelsea Boot : these boots are flat, usually with a small stacked heel and elastic vents at each side for easy on and off. The style is credited to Queen Victoria’s bookmaker and has become synonymous with rock star style and within farming circles as a practical work boot. A great option for anyone open to a younger edger look without having to compromise on comfort and practicality.


              The Cowboy Boot : if you are American it is likely you’ll have a dusty old well worn in pair in your closet, an all weather alternative to the Wellington here in the U.K. and like a leather jacket the cowboy boot definitely gets nicer with wear, all the more reason to shop secondhand. The Cowboy boot is great if you are young to style up shorts, dresses and show off lovely tanned in shape legs but don’t risk it over 35 style older legs with leggings and never put cowboy boots over denim or maxi skirts unless you are going line dancing.


              The Riding Boot : is making a comeback this season, that signature equestrian look, white jean, polo shirt and flat long boot cutting below the knee. Although a great look this is probably the most difficult to pull off so beware anyone with less than perfect proportions. A boot that cuts right in the middle of the leg will always make your legs look shorter and add a flat heel to that you have the potential to look dumpy unless you are built like Sophia Vergara. If you are still keen to try this look our suggestion stick with a dark coloured legging for less bulk and a sleeker silhouette.


              Statement Boot: for only the bravest and most confident of stylistas, a statement Boot is anything that stands alone and we recommend when styling, you always keep everything else plain and simple with a boot with the power to lower the eye or raise the eyebrow. Style is about creativity and the statement boot can be anything YOU love so easy to find designer luxury preloved. The only question left - how brave are you?


              Over Knee Boot : the secret to a great over knee boot is the fit so one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to sourcing the perfect pair for you. And why real hardcore fashionistas know when they find that holy grail it is coming home whatever the cost. Avoid too high or poor quality and if they bag or fall down it’s a no. A chunky heel is practical for everyday but kitten or thin heels are super stylish and chilled for evening. The challenge to find the ultimate over knee boot is no greater shopping preloved, you have to try lots of pairs but the bonus is the savings on an item you’ll wear for 10 possibly more seasons. It’s worth the investment in time and money, ie paying a little more for something great recycled and the savings from shopping preloved designer brands secondhand.


              Ankle Boot : whatever your age the ankle boot is a wardrobe staple for us all. It goes with everything pretty much but again matching the right version, low, high, flat, studded, plain, buckles, fringe, platform, slim heel, chunky heel, to right person/lifestyle can be a challenge. The obvious 1st choice for anyone building a luxury preloved staple wardrobe would be a lower heeled stylish luxury ankle boot to style up your black leggings or jeans, or dress down a skirt and leather jacket.



              Patent Boot: patent has been trying to take hold for three seasons and we've seen bits pop in and out on the High St. Shiny latex trousers are back again this year so patent is definitely a look to consider rocking. Every shape and style is available in patent and this is a powerful statement so if you are experimenting with patent for the first time we recommend you stay away from over the knee, even a long boot can look OTT if not well styled and stick with trying this look with a chelsea boot, or ankle boot to begin with.


              And finally before choosing the style and committing to your perfect pair, take out what you have in your wardrobe. Anything that can be polished up for another year stays, anything completely shot goes, then look for the gap from the list and choose the best possible pair for the best possible price and shop preloved luxury if at all possible.

              Click images to shop preloved designer boots, luxury staples, bags, shoes and accessories.



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