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Seven Days in LA - Fast Detox Plan

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              Seven Days in LA - Fast Detox Plan

              Seven Days in LA - Fast Detox Plan
              Venus Cow Admin
              / Categories: Weight Loss, Food and Drink

              Seven Days in LA - Fast Detox Plan

               Have You Let Yourself Go?

              When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, we have to begin with desire because without wanting it more than anything else, failure will always play havoc with your emotions and keep you stuck in misery, Once you have true desire and listen only to yourself and not others, as losing weight is your choice and your reward for getting in the right mind-set, you will succeed in any goal you set yourself.

              Fasting and detoxing for a week is the quickest and most effective way to kick start a new healthy eating plan, in order to lose unwanted fat cells, by cutting down your portion sizes. Shrinking your portions will be easier once you have shrunk your stomach and your emotional secret bingeing habits bought on through emotional waves of comfort.

              Fasting is about giving your body a good clean out, then a rest plus help you learn some discipline and will power. 

              Day One Go for 24 hours without food, just drink peppermint tea and still water.

              Day Two Have a big breakfast of whatever you fancy, as long as it is healthy and clean i.e. fruit, brown seeded rye bread, nuts, scrambled eggs, yogurt, porridge oats, all bran and drink some orange juice. The rest of the day you fast, no food, just water and peppermint tea.

              Day Three For breakfast have a three ripe banana and plain yogurt shake by blending three bananas with a small tub of plain yogurt until smooth and creamy.  If you don’t like bananas use frozen berries from the supermarket.  At lunchtime eat one avocado and tuna with rice cakes, oat cakes or bran biscuits, then no more food, just peppermint tea and water. 

              Day Four Have scrambled eggs and mushrooms with no bread, orange juice and peppermint tea for breakfast. For dinner before 7pm have any fish, salmon, cod, tuna with broccoli carrots and green beans plus 4 glasses of still water. 

              Day Five Just have fresh fruit and plain yogurt with peppermint tea for breakfast. At lunchtime have a three bean salad or chickpea salad with three oat cakes and more still water or peppermint tea.

              Day Six, No foods until lunchtime when you can have any salad you want with oats cakes or bran biscuits and any fruit juice plus water and peppermint tea and no more food that day.

              Day Seven, Any healthy breakfast you fancy as before with orange juice peppermint tea and water. For dinner before 7pm have a big plate of fresh vegetables with any fish you fancy and plenty of still water.

              That is it and by the time you’re done, if you managed to stay the course, you will now feel ready to begin eating less rubbish food and more realistic portions of healthy clean foods, getting you on your way to a longer happier healthier life, looking fabulous as a result.

              Photo by: Vitalii Pavlyshynets

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