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              Venus Cow Admin


              Curb your appetite by eating at the right time, exercising more and learning to laugh

              Appetite for anything is a strong instinctive physical desire, especially for food, drink or sex. When we have appetite, we have desire and when the desire is really strong our appetite can become very greedy, making us want to over indulge with no sense of responsibility.

              The best thing you can do to curb your appetite is to eat a healthy but substantial breakfast every day and then commit to yourself you will not eat again until your stomach tells you it's time. One of the benefits of eating breakfast every day without fail you will be surpirsed how late this actually is and how long you can go very comfortably without any further fuel when you fill up first thing. Those sweet treat urges around 10.30am disappear and if you don't start scoffing the urges just don't come back.

              Venus Cow says, "Curb your appetite for indulgence and heighten your appetite for life."

              An out of control unconscious appetite can leave you eating all day long which will eventually cause weight gain and your health to suffer. So we have to learn to control our appetite for things that are bad for us. If you find you cannot stop yourself snacking before meals, you must drink plenty of cold water instead to help fill you up, giving you the feeling of being satisfied without any of the negatives that go along with stuffing yourself. Keep your blood sugars at an even place all day long by not missing meals and eating small healthy snacks in-between. Cottage cheese and crackers, tuna and oatcakes (before I went Vegan) or almonds are very good for keeping you satisfied, your cholesterol low and you healthy.

              Venus Cow says, "Avoid over eating due to your emotions."

              You must always have breakfast no matter what because your body, like your car, needs fuel to get it started and if you miss this meal, you will be sluggish all day. We must also get plenty of sleep because we are prone to have appetite surges when we are very tired to help perk us up. Don’t be fooled into thinking eating carbs and chocolate for comfort is you having a ferocious appetite because you are hungry, this is not the case. Many times when we feel sad, fed up, miserable, depressed, we reach for the cookie jar and before we know we have eaten the whole lot. This does make us feel lifted in the moment but can make us more depressed afterwards because now we have overloaded on unwanted calories and are on our way to being fatter.

              Venus Cow says, "Curb your appetite by eating less, exercising more and learning to laugh."

              When you are feeling low and want to binge, trigger your brain to get you outside exercising which will firstly distract you, help burn some fat off and make you feel good. Go for a long country walk. I use going for a walk all the time to interupt me when I get bogged down or start to feel any stress or the pull of the fridge.

              Managing a ferotious appetite will take time if you are used to massive helpings and having what you want when you want but by slowly reducing your portion size, the benefits of eating breakfast every day the earlier the better will pay off and by learning to actually listen to your body telling you it's time to eat instead of responding to your emotions you will start to recognise genuine hunger as your trigger to eat instead of a comfort or pleasure fix.

              This can only happen if you feed yourself at the beginning of the day when you need the calories to function at your optimum not at the end of the day when your body is widing down, getting ready for sleep and repair.

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